The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor

The way that we adorn our bodies and our homes—be it through the clothes and jewelry we wear, the purses and wallets we carry, and the furniture we keep in our living spaces—are all ways of expressing ourselves and showing the world a small part of who we are. Your sense of fashion and decoration should absolutely be a reflection of your personal tastes and interests.

Unfortunately, without our even knowing it, many of the fashionable items that we use to decorate ourselves and our homes are produced in ways that involve cruelty and harm to other living beings. Items like clothes, jewelry, scarves, purses, jackets, wallets, pillows, blankets, sofas, and rugs might be made from animal skin, fur, feathers, and even teeth and other body parts. These animal parts are obtained either by killing the animal or by causing the animal severe pain and discomfort.

Many companies and brands go out of their way to hide their animal treatment practices. However, there are others that are committed to producing and selling products that do not involve inhumane animal treatment. These companies and brands are highlighted in this blog. If you are looking for ways to become a more conscious consumer or want to play a role in reducing the suffering of vulnerable living beings who can’t speak for themselves, print out this list and take it with you the next time you go out shopping! With the brands and companies listed below, there’s no reason you and your home can’t look fabulous while also making a positive impact on the world.

Konversai was not compensated monetarily or otherwise by any of the brands or companies listed below.

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Home Decor

Alabama Chanin Kravet Premium Furs
Dorsel Home Products Linnea’s Lights Sofas NYC
Ethique Nouveau Lite + Cycle
Sommer’s Plastic Products
Evil Queen Moments
Studio Can-Can: Vegan Interior Design and Build
GREENCulture Furniture P.F. Candle Co.
Terra Furnishings
Ikea Posh Pelts West Elm

OSBlog10_VeganGuideShoppingFashionDecor_shoes-300x200 The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor


Address Chic Love Is Mighty Phantomlovely
Ahimsa Footwear Melissa Shoes Ruby + Ed
Alternative Outfitters Michael Antonio Rungg Shoes
Amanda Jay Michael Kors Splaff Flops
Baby N’anya Mink Shoes Sole & Stone
Beyond Skin Modavanti Soul Insole
Bhava Studio Mohop
Stella McCartney
Bourgeois Boheme Moo Shoes Sudo Shoes
Brave Gentleman Nae Sydney Brown
Charlie Butler Vegan & Handmade Footwear NAK Fashion Talon Vert
Charmone Shoes Neuaura
The Compassion Closet
Cowhugger Never Leatherland The Lovechild
Cri de Coeur New Rock Vegan Boots and Shoes Unicorn Goods
Cult of Coquette Nice Shoes VEERAH
Cynthia King Dance Studio NICORA Vegan Chic
Dr. Martens NoBull Footwear Vegan Kicks
Ethical Wares NOHARM Veganline
Freerangers Novacas
Vegetarian Shoes
Kat Mendenhall Boots Okabashi
Veggies Footwear
Kweder Olsenhaus Zappos
Lookie Lou PAWJ


OSBlog10_VeganGuideShoppingFashionDecor_purse-300x200 The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor

Purses & Bags

Address Chic Gloria Gerber Pansy Maiden
Alexandra K Gunas Pora Bags
Alternative Outfitters HETTY + SAM Rebagz
Angela Roi Hipsters for Sisters
Redhanded Bags
Badimyon In The Soulshine
R.E. Load Baggage Inc.
Big Buddha jeane and jax Rewilder
Bungalow 360 Jill Milan R J Gibson
Calico Dragon Bags Just Lovely Slappa
Canopy Verde Keep Pursuing
Stella McCartney
Cedar Key Canvas Kweder Susan Nichole
Cork by Design LaBante London Sybaritic Bags
Corkor Le Sportsac
The Dharma Store
Cornelia Guest Little Packrats The Lovechild
Cowhugger Mary Point Tokyo Bags
Cri de Coeur Matt & Nat TOM BIHN
Crystalyn Kae MeDusa Tragwert
Denise Roobl Melie Bianco Unicorn Goods
Deux Lux Michael Kors
Urban Expressions
Doshi FCSA Miomojo Vegan Chic
Ethique 212 Modavanti
Vilma Boutique
Fabric Horse Mohop Vulcana Bags
Folli Follie Nella Bella Wilby
Freedom of Animals OffBeatWEAR


OSBlog10_VeganGuideShoppingFashionDecor_clothes-300x200 The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor


7AM Enfant FTLA Apparel Phantomlovely
Address Chic Happy Healthy Vegan
Quinoa Apparel
Alabama Chanin Harper + Lange Ruby + Ed
Alternative Outfitters Heavy Red
Saved Kisses Clothing
Amanda Jay Heurueh Shrimps
Annaborgia Hindi Jain
Sommer’s Plastic Products
Bead and Reel Ideal North Sona’s Denim
Big Buddha In The Soulshine SteezyT
Brave Gentleman John Bartlett
Stella McCartney
Compassion Co. Kowtow Strange Vixens
Copenhagen Artificial Fur Kuyichi
The Compassionate Closet
Coquette Faux Furriers Lookie Lou
The Dharma Store
Cow Jones Industrials Loomstate
The Herbivore Clothing
Crazies and Weirdos Lulus The Lovechild
Dalia Macphee Maya Epler
The Vegan Collection
Delikate Rayne Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Three Leaves
Della MIAKODA Truth
EAT Healthy Designs Michael Kors Unicorn Goods
Ecolissa Modavanti Veganline
Ethical Wares Noah Vegetaryn
Faux Play OffBeatWEAR WAWWA
Free People OGNX Wully Outerwear


OSBlog10_VeganGuideShoppingFashionDecor_accessories-300x200 The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor


7AM Enfant Cri de Coeur Kweder
Address Chic Crystalyn Kae MeDusa
Alexandra K Denise Roobl Michael Kors
Alternative Outfitters Deux Lux Modavanti
Annaborgia Doshi FCSA Mohop
Bhava Studio ECO-ISTS NewGrip
Big Buddha Ethical Wares OffBeatWEAR
Brave Gentleman Fabric Horse
The Vegan Collection
Bungalow 360 Faux Play The Lovechild
Canopy Verde Folli Follie Tree Tribe
Copenhagen Artificial Fur Gunas Unicorn Goods
Coquette Faux Furriers Happy Boa Veganline
Cork by Design HETTY + SAM Vegan Power
Corkor Heurueh
Vilma Boutique
Couch Guitar Straps jeane and jax Wilby
Cowhugger Kepur


OSBlog10_VeganGuideShoppingFashionDecor_jewelry-300x200 The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor


Address Chic Michael Kors
Bead and Reel Modavanti
Cowhugger NW 58th St
Ethique 212 The Lovechild
Folli Follie
Westland Jewelry


OSBlog10_VeganGuideShoppingFashionDecor_swim-300x200 The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Fashion, Accessories, and Décor


Sage LaRock Strange Vixens
Saved Kisses Clothing The Lovechild


If you’ve used any other cruelty-free fashion or home décor brands that aren’t listed on here, let us know and we’ll go ahead and add them. Or better yet, talk about any of the products you’ve used on Konversai. Konversai is the world’s first one-stop shop for any and all personal human knowledge. It is an online marketplace that connects providers of knowledge with seekers of knowledge on any topic of interest through one-on-one live video conversations.

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Written by: Pavita Singh


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