Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers

We’ve written before about how fundamental art is to the human condition. It is our highest expression of ourselves. One of the best ways to truly get a sense of a people and a culture is through its art. Art is the window into a people’s view of the world around them. Art is therefore a great activity to include in your travels. A previous blog post that explored top travel destinations for art lovers focused on visual arts. In this post, we take a look at the best travel destinations for those who love the performing arts. Theatre lovers—get packing and check out these cities!

Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_Odeon-of-Herodes-Atticus-300x199 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Athens, Greece: Athens is considered the birthplace of Western theatre. The city houses at least 148 theatre stages—the most in the world. A can’t-miss spot is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. It is one of the oldest preserved theatres that continues to be a popular performance venue. It hosts the Athens & Epidaurus Festival every year from May to October, during which time visitors can enjoy all the ancient Greek dramas and comedies. Those who are into local theatre should head over to the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, which seats 800 and features traditional Greek dance performances. Other fun theatre spots in Athens include the open-air Lycabettus Theatre, the National Theatre of Greece, and the National Library and Opera House.


Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_Lincoln-Center-300x240 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Lincoln Center, New York

New York, NY: Theatre lovers will have no problem finding things to do in New York. In fact, they might have the opposite problem—an array of options with limited time. New York is the city with the most theatres per capita. Broadway alone has a wealth of performances going on every single night. Music, opera, and dance lovers should hit up Lincoln Center. On a nice summer day, head over to Central Park for some Shakespeare in the Park. Downtown also has a number of lesser-known playhouses.

Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_GlobeTheatre-300x200 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Globe Theatre

London, UK: There’s no way that the home to the Globe Theatre, where you can see productions of Shakespeare’s plays, wouldn’t be on the list of travel destinations for theatre lovers. Though the original Globe was burned down in 1613, the reconstructed building is a favorite spot among theater lovers. Not too far from The Globe is the National Theatre, where you can enjoy timeless classics. The West End is bustling with musicals like Les Miserables, Jersey Boys, and The Lion King. In the summer, you can watch outdoor plays at the Regent’s Park open-air theatre.


Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_Princess-Theatre-300x240 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Princess Theatre, Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia: Melbourne is known as the unofficial theatre capital of Australia. It is most famous for its small performances and fringe scene. The Art Deco Theatre District is a hot spot for classical performances, while the Arts Precinct on the Southbank of the Yarra River is known for its contemporary flair. You can also enjoy outdoor productions of Shakespeare at the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens.

Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_Chicago-200x300 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Chicago Theatre

Chicago, IL: The Loop—Chicago’s downtown—is home to the famous Goodman and Chicago theatres, which host popular Broadway productions. Further uptown, you enter a hub of comedy and improv clubs. In particular, the Second City is where the likes of Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and Stephen Colbert got their starts.

Toronto, Canada: Outside of London and New York, Toronto has the largest English-speaking theatre district. Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre is the oldest continuously operating theatre in North America. The city’s bustling Entertainment District features popular Broadway shows at a fraction of the price of some of its American counterparts. Organizations like Curtain Call Players and the Toronto Fringe Festival celebrate the city’s local theater and experimental performances.

Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_TeatroColon-300x208 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Teatro Colon

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Argentina’s capital brings together a combination of international and local arts events and offers some of the best dance, theatre, and music productions in the world. Teatro Colón is thought to have some of the world’s best acoustics, not to mention its palatial golden balconies and staircases made of three different kinds of marble. Avenida Corrientes, the Broadway of Buenos Aires, is where the famous Evita Peron got her start. Big Bang Sensorial and Usted Esta Aqui are unique interactive and immersive theatre experiences that you can’t miss if you’re in Buenos Aires, especially if you’re into contemporary avant-garde theatre. You can watch experimental plays at the Belisario Club de Cultura, live tango on the streets of La Boca, and ballet, flamenco, and tango interpretations at the Centro Cultural Borges.

Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_Hina-Doll-300x200 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Bunraku Puppet Show

Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo is perhaps best known for Kabuki theatre, an elaborate feast with colorful Japanese costumes and traditional instruments. Another traditional Japanese art is Bunraku, or Osakan puppetry. Only a few Bunraku theatres remain in Tokyo. The city’s grandest Kabuki theatre is Kabuki-Za. Head over to Shimokitazawa for fringe theatre productions, Hatsudai for opera or Shakespeare, Koenji for dance, comedy, or musicals, or Setagaya-ku’s Carrot Tower for jazz or comedy. Twenty miles northeast of Tokyo is Maruyama Machi’s Shakespeare Country Park—a theme park with an onsite theatre reproducing Shakespeare’s plays in the local language.


Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_FireworksFringe-300x200 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Fireworks over Edinburgh Castle at The Fringe

Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh’s annual Festival Fringe is the world’s largest arts festival. Between August 1 and August 25, the city showcases 50,000 performances and over 30,000 shows in nearly 300 venues. Millions of attendees come to Edinburgh every year to enjoy theatre, comedy, dance, cabaret, musicals, operas, spoken word, and exhibitions. Festival Fringe is an unjuried festival, so even the most cutting-edge and experimental of productions are featured. It was at Festival Fringe that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead premiered.

Blog-61_Top10CitiesTheatreLovers_Opera-Garnier-300x200 Top 10 Travel Destinations for Performing Arts Lovers
Opera Garnier, Paris

Paris, France: The outsides of Paris’ many theatres are as glorious as the productions that take place inside of them. Some of the city’s gems include the Opera Bastille, La Comédie-Française, and Moulin Rouge. In addition, the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord frequently offers plays in English. Opera Garnier is also a Parisian hot spot for theatre lovers, as it is not only an architectural icon, but was also the inspiration for The Phantom of the Opera.

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By Pavita Singh


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