Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the Globe

Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the Globe

Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the Globe

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you certainly don’t want to miss out on the chance to just chill out and blow off a little steam. A city’s nightlife gives you a great glimpse into the local culture. After all, nightlife is how the locals enjoy themselves and have fun. Parties are a fantastic way to meet new people in a foreign destination—both locals and tourists alike. In an increasingly globalized society, the opportunity to make friends in new places is one that you definitely don’t want to pass up. If you love nightlife and are looking to get your party on during your next trip, read more about the following 10 travel destinations, where you’re pretty much guaranteed to have yourself a good time.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_BerghainGermany-1-300x199 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeBerlin, Germany: Berlin is jokingly known to have more clubs than people. In particular, Berlin is famous for its underground techno clubs and rock and alternative music venues, which have parties going on late into the night. Berlin’s super club, Berghain, is hailed as the capital of techno music, and parties there last for days! The lines for Berghain are notoriously long, and people have often turned away, so make sure you have a backup plan. Luckily there is no dearth of options in Berlin. Plus, the city’s nightlife is affordable, so you can have fun without breaking the bank.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_Brazil-300x181 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeRio de Janeiro, Brazil: In Rio, partying is simply a way of life. Rio is perhaps best-known for the much-celebrated week-long Carnival, during which time you’ll find people decked out in glittery costumes and dancing in the streets wherever you go. In addition, a free New Year’s Eve party takes place every year at Copacabana. On weekends, the samba halls in Lapa are exploding. At least once, you should definitely check out Alto Vidigal—an open-air club on the hillsides above Leblon. Rio has plenty of LGBTQ+-friendly bars and clubs, including the famous 22,000-square-foot The Week International.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_NewOrleans-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeNew Orleans, LA: Mardi Gras may be happening now, but the city’s party spirit is present all year round. Twenty-four-hour bars abound in the city, and you’ll find a jazz club on every corner. At Maison, there’s live music and dancing every single day. If you’re into brass and funk, check out the Maple Leaf. Frenchman Street and Bourbon Street are known for their live music venues that are open until the wee hours of the morning.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_LasVegas-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeLas Vegas, NV: There’s a reason that Vegas is called the Sin City. There are pool parties of all sorts during the day, glamorous casinos that have no bedtime, nightclubs, lounges, champagne breakfasts—you name it! You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to see (and even more—trust us!) on the Strip. You might want to give yourself a day (or two) of recovery when you get back!

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_NewYork-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeNew York, NY: No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find something to float your boat in the city that never sleeps. It is said that the clubs in New York set a precedent for nightlife in all other major cities and that the trends of the 70s, 80s, and 90s all came out of New York. Have a craving for your favorite food at 2am? Not a problem in New York, which is filled with 24-hour and late-night restaurants. New York’s public transportation makes it easy to get around if you’re going to be doing some party-hopping through the night.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_TelAvivIsrael-300x207 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeTel Aviv, Israel: Tel Aviv’s beachside promenade is bustling day and night, and its laidback atmosphere makes it a fun place for a good party. The Namal district, Florentin, and Ben Yehuda Street have some of the city’s best bars and clubs. If you’re looking for a high-end rooftop bar, check out Speakeasy – Rooftop on Rothschild. Kuli Alma has an open-air courtyard and dance floor. Tel Aviv also hosts a number of music festivals featuring such genres as dance music, blues, pop, jazz, rock, and reggae. Tel Aviv residents are a warm, friendly bunch, and they will for sure show you a good time.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_BelradeSerbia-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeBelgrade, Serbia: Want to party on a boat? Head over to Belgrade in the summer. Enjoy some music and dance alongside breathtaking views of the Sava and Danube. Belgrade is also home to various music festivals in the summer. The Skadarlija district is one of the most eclectic when it comes to bars and clubs. Popular clubs include Sveta, KGB Caffe, Barutana, and Jazz Bašta. KST, located in the basement of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Engineering (who would have thought?) is known for its 24-hour parties.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_Amsterdam-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeAmsterdam, Netherlands: Amid the canals, waterways, and coffee shops of Amsterdam is a happening party scene. The city has an eclectic mix of clubs featuring up-and-coming DJs. Unlike so many of the clubs elsewhere in the world, the club scene in Amsterdam will actually leave you feeling chilled out and refreshed when it’s time to get back to work. You’ll find an array of options in the Jordaan quarter. Some favorite clubs include Shelter and De Tuin. The city also hosts the Amsterdam Dance Event—one of the world’s biggest electronic music showcases.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_IbizaSpain-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeIbiza, Spain: Ibiza has become a bit of a pricey party destination, but certainly one to include on the bucket list. Ibiza is home to Privilege—the world’s largest nightclub. Amnesia is another favorite spot famous for its foam parties. You can enjoy art, food, and music all in one venue at Heart, located in the five-star Gran Hotel. Sunset Ashram is a chill venue that offers beach-bottle service as well as some of the most incredible views of the island.

Blog38_10TravelDestinationsPartyNightLife_Cancun-300x200 Top 10 Nightlife Travel Destinations Around the GlobeCancun, Mexico: Cancun is a popular spring break spot for US college students. If that’s your scene, head over during spring break (usually in March). Not so much? Then maybe visit Cancun between June and September. “Zona Hotelera,” also known as “Tourist Zone” or “Party Zone,” is known for its wild clubs, mega-resorts, and picture-perfect sandy beaches. The hotels here cater to spring breakers, hard partiers, young couples, rowdy groups looking for night-long parties, and loud entertainment.

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Written by: Pavita Singh


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