Maintaining Mental Wellness during Quarantine

Maintaining Mental Wellness during Quarantine

Maintaining Mental Wellness during Quarantine

Blog124_MentalWellness_GirlInBed-300x201 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineMay is Mental Health Awareness Month. While we’re all stuck in quarantine, some of us are having a hard time maintaining mental wellness. Not only are many of us physically isolated from family, friends, and loved ones, but we are also inundated with overwhelming information about the state of the world. Couple that with the potential uncertainty about one’s employment or financial status or one’s physical health (or that of one’s loved ones), there is just a lot going on to deal with at once. If you’re feeling like the struggle is too much to handle, you are not alone. That said, trust that you have the tools within you to cope with the curveballs that life might throw your way.

Blog122_PhysicalDistancing_WomanOnPhone-200x300 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineA few weeks ago, Konverser Anusha Shrivastava wrote a guest post on how to keep ourselves busy during these times of quarantine. Today, we build on that and discuss ways to maintain our mental health during this chaotic time. The content in this post is drawn not only from our own research and experience, but also from some of our interviewee responses from our quaranTIME video interview series. Keep in mind that while we are all dealing with some form of quarantine, we are not all dealing with it in the same way, and that is okay. Do not judge whatever state in which you find yourself. Whatever you are going through and however you feel that you need to cope is fine. Different activities and techniques are going to work better for different people, so don’t feel that you need to implement all of the ideas discussed below all at once, or even at all. On that note, some of the suggestions in this post might appear contradictory to one another. Pick and choose what you need and what works for you at any given time.

Blog124_MentalWellness_WomanSleeping-300x200 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineYou do not have to be productive all the time. When you see all your friends’ social media posts of them cooking, baking, dancing, writing, and creating, you might feel the pressure to do the same and feel inadequate if you are not doing enough. Well, we’ve got some news for you—whatever you are doing, you are doing enough. There is no need to be doing or creating something all the time. If you do not want to, then don’t. If you don’t feel the motivation, don’t push yourself. Perhaps this is your body’s and mind’s way of telling you to rest. One thing that this pandemic has taught all of us is the importance of slowing down and taking time just for yourself. Perhaps you were not getting enough rest or “me time” pre-pandemic. Take however much time you need. Your body and mind will let you know when it’s time to get moving again, and you will be in a better position to do so having taken some time for yourself.

Blog124_MentalWellness_Window-300x200 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineGet some fresh air. Yes, we know we just said it’s okay to take some time to rest, and while this is true, spending just a minute a day moving, ideally outside, can work wonders for one’s mood. Just stepping out into your backyard if you have one or taking a quick stroll around the block is all you need to get your dopamine levels up. Take just a few minutes a day to get out of bed and get outside, then go back to resting if needed. If stepping outside is simply not an option for you right now, which is the case in many parts of the world, open a window and let some fresh air in. Sit by the window for a few minutes, and keep it open throughout the day as weather allows. You will notice similar effects.

Blog124_MentalWellness_Meditation-300x200 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantinePractice some type of meditation or visualization. Meditation is not easy to do, but if you can try to make it a consistent practice, even if just for a minute a day, you will notice positive effects. Pay attention to your breath and your five senses. Studies show that visualization is powerful and can help bring you closer to your desired state. So if you visualize yourself happy and at peace, you will surely get there. If you imagine yourself in your “happy place,” whether that be in nature, on the beach, in a park, or your favorite city, you might experience increased feelings of calm and peace and a more positive mood. Pretend you are actually in that place and pay attention to what you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.

Blog124_MentalWellness_WomanOnPhone-300x200 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineBe mindful of what you consume. No, this does not just refer to food. It also refers to media and information. The media is filled with a whole lot of bad news. If watching the news is causing you anxiety, don’t watch it, or perhaps just limit the amount of time you spend watching it. The same goes for social media. It is well known that too much social media consumption can negatively affect one’s mood and self-esteem. If this is happening for you, take a break from social media or modify what you are following. Setting limitations on your phone can be useful if you’re having a hard time following the limitations you set for yourself. Consume that content that leaves you feeling positive, not negative. If you’re looking for some positive, fun, and inspiring content to consume, our quaranTIME series is a good place to start.

Blog124_MentalWellness_WomenTalking-300x200 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineCommunicate what you need. Everybody is dealing with quarantine differently and therefore has different needs. Since most people can’t read your mind, it is important to communicate what you need. Some people prefer to be checked on regularly and want to interact with others on a frequent basis. Others relish in their alone time and prefer to be left alone. Whatever it is you need in order to take care of yourself, make sure that others around you are aware of that and respect that. Make clear when you can be available to others and when you need time to yourself. This open communication will benefit everybody involved. If you are feeling isolated and are looking for people to talk to, we have a new “Just Talk” category on Konversai to simply connect with people, make friends, and talk about anything.

Blog124_MentalWellness_BoyCrying-300x225 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineLook for the silver linings. No matter how dark things may be—and believe us, we know they can get very dark—there will always be a small glimmer of light that gets bigger the more you focus on it. This does not mean ignoring and not dealing with your pain. Rather, it means remembering that there are still good things going for you and that this dark phase will not last forever, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. For example, are you bummed that you can’t see your family and friends in person? At least you have family and friends who love you, and you will get to see them eventually. In the meantime, you can still communicate with them, even if it’s not the same. Zoom meetings with your colleagues a pain? At least you have a job. Don’t have a job? At least you have your health. Fallen sick? At least there is hope that you will recover. In the case that you have lost someone close to you, there is no denying how difficult that is, and cultivating a strong support system is important for coping with the immense pain. But you are still here, and there is something in your life worth living for. If you are looking for a support system, Konversai is here for you.

Blog124_MentalWellness_GirlOnStairs-200x300 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineIt is okay to be okay. If you’re active on social media, you might see memes expressing that it is okay not to be okay. That is most certainly true and relates to the first point discussed above about not having to be productive all the time. That said, it is also okay to be okay. It can be easy for people who are doing well to feel guilty about doing well when they see others around them suffering or struggling. This is a form of survivor’s guilt, and something with which I personally have grappled. If you are doing well for this time, bask in that feeling and enjoy it. With all the negativity going around, we need people who are positive. Being physically and mentally healthy puts you in a better position to help those around you who are struggling and create a positive ripple effect. Positivity is the path to progress.

Blog124_MentalWellness_FamilyVideoChatting-300x200 Maintaining Mental Wellness during QuarantineWe’re not claiming that the above practices are all going to be easy to implement, but taking one small step daily towards any of these has positive effects both in the short and long term. What have you been doing to maintain positive wellness? If you’d like to share your best practices, need help implementing any self-care practices, or just want to meet and connect with new people, you can do so on Konversai—your one-stop shop for all personal human knowledge and social connection. The online platform connects knowledge providers and knowledge seekers on any topic of interest through one-on-one live video conversations. Knowledge providers can charge as much as they want for their sessions, hold sessions for free, or donate their earnings to a charity of their choice. Knowledge seekers can enjoy a personalized session on exactly what they’re looking to learn on a particular topic. All sessions take place at times that are mutually convenient for all users involved, and you can do them from anywhere you have a device with Internet connection and Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. All users are encouraged to be both knowledge providers and knowledge seekers on any and as many topics as they wish—the only limit is your imagination. Konversai’s mission is to democratize knowledge, put the human connection back into the heart of technology, and make the world better by enabling meaningful and authentic conversations that enrich and improve people’s lives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity—join Konversai today!


By Pavita Singh


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