Konversation with Tina Nies: Life Coach, Writer, & Caregiver

Konversation with Tina Nies: Life Coach, Writer, & Caregiver

Konversation with Tina Nies: Life Coach, Writer, & Caregiver

For this week’s Konversation, we interviewed Tina Nies, a life coach and writer from Flint, Michigan. Tina offers life counseling sessions on Konversai and can share with you her tools for rekindling the happiness within you when life throws curveballs your way. Read more about Tina below!

Tina2-216x300 Konversation with Tina Nies: Life Coach, Writer, & CaregiverKonversai: What do you do professionally?
Tina: I work as a certified life coach, vision board coach, and community trainer. I love to work with organizations in the community teaching programs around self-love, happiness, and the power of choice.
Konversai: What does a typical day look like for you? This could include at work and/or outside of work.
Tina: In addition to coaching and training, I am also a family caregiver. So a typical day for me includes making sure my mom has what she needs. I help her with laundry, food prep, and getting to appointments. Two days a week, I care for some of my great nieces and nephews. Another two days a week, I work with community partners. In between, I am writing, coaching clients, and creating LoveFest courses.
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Konversai: How did you end up where you are today?
Tina: I had been a college instructor and marketing consultant for over 16 years when I realized that many of my clients, most of whom were small business owners, were looking for the achievement of their goals to bring them happiness. They thought they were supposed to tough it out until they made more money, had more clients, got a raise, or achieve some other tangible goal, and then they could relax a bit, feel happy, and do something fun. I realized that while I was working, I was also doing pretty much what I wanted to do, feeling pretty happy, traveling, working, and move around the United States. However, many of my clients were not. So I made the transition from marketing consulting to life coaching!
Konversai: What is your favorite thing about what you do?
Tina: Hearing from clients that they feel even a little bit better today than they did yesterday. Years ago, after working for a few months with a client who had hated himself for most of his life, he told me that while he didn’t love himself yet, he was beginning to like himself a little. That statement brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with love.
Konversai: How did you find Konversai?
Tina: I saw a Facebook post. I was curious and clicked on the link to check it out. I love finding new ways to meet cool people.
Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-3.03.58-PM-214x300 Konversation with Tina Nies: Life Coach, Writer, & Caregiver
Konversai: How did you decide to offer life counseling sessions you offer on Konversai?
Tina: I offer life coaching programs and classes in my business and decided to offer mini versions on Konversai.
Konversai: What do you think are the biggest mental wellness/wellbeing issues facing people today?
Tina: Wow! Today we have media and social media bombarding us with negative messages 24/7, everywhere, even in our pockets! Many of us carry baggage from our past, like self-esteem, guilt, trauma, or feeling not good enough type issues. All of that baggage added to all the present negative media and messaging about the future can become overwhelming for some of us.
Konversai: What do you like best about being a provider on Konversai? 
Tina: I love the opportunity to meet and share with people around the world! Making new friends is a great way to enhance my life and happiness.
Konversai: Are there additional sessions you are hoping to offer on Konversai in the future?
Tina: Yes, I’m considering sessions on how to activate vision boards you may have created and with which you don’t know what to do.
Konversai: Why would you encourage a user to book a session with you (something unique about what you offer)?
Tina: Ideally, spending time with me will enhance their day and give them some ideas about how they can feel better.
Screen-Shot-2018-10-24-at-3.05.41-PM Konversation with Tina Nies: Life Coach, Writer, & Caregiver
Konversai: Are there sessions that you are excited about taking with other providers on the platform? Which ones? What are you hoping to learn more about?
Tina: I am excited to chat with other providers on Konversai. The first topic I’m interested in learning more about is applying eye shadow. I know that sounds funny, but I haven’t worn it in years. Last year, I tried to make up my eyes before going to a wedding (luckily costumes were required). I did such a bad job that I had to buy a decorative eye mask to cover my eyes! The mask matched my cape very well, so it all worked out, but I would love to avoid those raccoon eyes in the future!
Konversai: What do you enjoy doing outside of work and Konversing?
Tina: I love hanging out with family and friends and heading to any beach to enjoy the sunshine and warm sand!
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