Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & Writer

Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & Writer

Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & Writer

For this week’s Konversation, we interviewed Sneha Kukreja (sneeh90), a mental health practitioner and writer living in Palo Alto, CA. On Konversai, Sneha offers sessions on life counseling, art expression, and mindfulness meditation. Learn more about Sneha below!

Konversai: What do you do professionally?

Sneha: I am currently working with nonprofits doing unpaid work as a group therapist, offering expressive arts therapies to seniors and LGBTQ+ youth, while looking for a paid job on the side.

Sneha-2-300x300 Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & WriterKonversai: What does a typical day look like for you? This could include at work and/or outside of work.

Sneha: A typical day usually involves me waking up and going to my unpaid job. Sometimes if my day gets done early, by say 3pm, I chill at a cafe and work on my book that I am currently writing or I go bike riding for grocery shopping. Sometimes I even take some self-care time by doing art work, going out to the park, meditating, or just kicking back and relaxing with a good book or a movie.

Konversai: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Sneha: Just seeing how merely offering my presence and skills with the clients has a positive effect (smile on their faces) or even ignites their healing process makes me feel rewarded and motivates me to keep doing what I do.

Sneha3-300x300 Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & WriterKonversai: How did you decide to offer the sessions you offer on Konversai?

Sneha: I have found meditations and mindfulness practices to be quite helpful for me, and so I got trained to become a certified mindfulness trainer. I decided to share the power of meditation and mindfulness with others with the hopes of touching the lives of other people the way mindfulness touched and transformed mine. Being a counselor is something that comes naturally to me, and so I offer life counseling because I am deeply passionate about mental health wellbeing.

Screen-Shot-2018-11-07-at-4.45.49-PM-214x300 Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & WriterKonversai: Do you have a favorite session that you offer on Konversai? If so, what is it, and why?

Sneha: Meditation (for those seeking emotional release) is my favorite session that I offer because I get to intuitively connect to the needs of the individuals and can get creative in offering various approaches, such as mindful art expression or visual imagery.

Konversai: Mental health is one of your biggest passions. What do you feel are some of the biggest mental wellness issues facing our society today?

Sneha: I have noticed individuals of varying ages commonly suffering from loneliness/emptiness, depression, stress, and even eating disorders. Everyone I see says something along the lines of, “I am feeling stressed” or “I can feel depression setting in” or gives off this vibe of feeling lonely. Then they try to escape loneliness by either going to parties, drinking alcohol, or jumping from one relationship to another without any break.

Konversai: Are there additional sessions you are hoping to offer on Konversai in the future?

Sneha: Yes, I am planning to offer a session of creating your own vision/dream board to manifest your dreams into reality.

Screen-Shot-2018-11-07-at-4.40.53-PM Konversation with Sneha Kukreja: Mental Health Practitioner & WriterKonversai: Are there sessions that you are excited about taking with other providers on the platform? Which ones? What are you hoping to learn more about?

Sneha: I love learning different languages and getting to know different cultures as well. So I am excited about learning Spanish and other languages from other providers.

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By Pavita Singh

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