Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & Writer

Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & Writer

Konversation with Dancer and Musician Oshin Hephzibah

24774917_1830162447056337_1475490193688234989_n-300x297 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterFor this week’s Konversation, we interviewed the multi-talented Oshin Hephzibah from Chennai, India. Oshin is currently a student pursuing her BA in music at A R Rahman’s Music College in India. She discovered her passion for music and the performing arts at a young age and has already accomplished so much. On Konversai, Oshin offers sessions in singing, dance, writing, English, Hindi, meditation, and life counseling. Learn more about Oshin and what she can offer you below.

Konversai: What does a typical day look like for you? This could include at work/outside of work?

Oshin: A typical college day leaves me busy until around 5-6 pm with classes that are stretched out through the day. Post that, I make sure I have divided time between assignments and leisure. This is also the time when I generally take sessions on Konversai. Apart from that, I indulge myself in various other activities, such as reading, writing, and dancing as well. On days when I don’t have college, I either work on assignments or have time to myself.

39441513_1790295091018122_870678553383927808_n-225x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: How did you end up where you are today?

Oshin: I have always loved music from a very young age. Being introduced to a lot of music from the 70s to the 90s played a huge role in getting me interested in that field. I wasn’t very definite about a career in music until I reached the age of 17, when I had one year left to decide what I wanted to do. My parents have always been highly supportive of my interests and do their best to fulfill them. I had never been trained in singing or performing arts and figured professional training would help a lot, and it did. Upon research, I found out that KM Music Conservatory was the leading music college in India that provided education in Western music. Hence, I auditioned, got in, and here I am.

60527006_2305784849500160_5192804516734435328_o-300x196 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Oshin: It’s a very simple answer. I get to do what I love and enjoy doing. And in this world where you don’t often get what you want, I consider myself very lucky to be able to do this. My mother has worked so hard in order to help me live this dream, and I am so grateful. I’ve also always loved dance and books. In my opinion, they are related, and one helps you with the other. I plan on pursuing both professionally.

Screen-Shot-2019-06-17-at-12.15.18-PM-212x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: How did you find Konversai?

Oshin: It was pretty cool. I had been searching for different ways to teach in order to earn and sustain since college is really expensive. I was looking for earning platforms that didn’t require me to travel. I wanted to make things easier for my parents, and I knew I had to find something sooner or later. Otherwise, it might hinder my education further. One day, I was going through Instagram and came across this ad for Konversai, and I jumped on the opportunity. Though I registered, I wasn’t hoping for anything, because similar sites had let me down, as they kept asking for money or ended up having fake accounts, and it was proving to be quite a task for me. But Konversai was such a lifesaver, and I’m so glad it happened. I found my first student in a matter of days and could start teaching right away. It helped me so much with my expenditure and also made it so much easier on my parents. I’m genuinely so so grateful to Konversai.

Screen-Shot-2019-06-17-at-12.18.35-PM-224x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: How did you decide to offer the sessions you offer on Konversai?

Oshin: I checked out a lot of providers and what they had to offer in order to get a clear picture of how this site worked. I knew that I had to make sure that any session I was offering was high quality. Therefore, all the sessions that I offer on Konversai are through skills acquired through thorough practice, training and experience as well as exposure over a course of many years.

Konversai: Do you have a favorite session you offer on Konversai? If so, what is it, and why?

Oshin: Oh yes, I do! I consider the dance session my favorite. I have a wonderful seeker who has been constant with her classes and so enthusiastic and ready to take on everything new offered to her. I enjoy teaching dance, as it’s so much fun, such a stress buster, and a great way to stay fit. I provide a couple of mandatory exercises before each class in order to help build agility.

Screen-Shot-2019-06-17-at-12.22.19-PM-241x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: What do you like best about being a provider on Konversai?

Oshin: Honestly, the teaching part and the outcome. I love passing on knowledge that I’ve acquired, and I love teaching. And when I see it pay off in the form of phenomenal improvement and my choreos being performed by my student at events, these are moments of utter pride and joy for me. I feel like seeing your student evolve through your teaching and adapting to challenges better and better is the best part because you personally get to see the growth, and nothing makes you feel more accomplished. It’s wonderful.

Konversai: Are there additional sessions you are hoping to offer on Konversai in the future?

Oshin: I plan on offering music therapy and Zumba fitness (for people who only want to focus on fitness through dance and not learn the dance form in general) as additional classes. I believe the former is a great way to achieve peace of mind and relieve yourself of stress and things that bring you down. Additionally, I have a ukulele and wouldn’t mind singing the seeker a few songs of their liking in order to make the class more fun and interactive. And the latter is a great fun way to maintain fitness without stressing yourself with crazy exercises that you might find boring or are too tired or lazy to do during your day. Of course, this depends on demand on Konversai as well.

Screen-Shot-2019-06-17-at-12.23.54-PM-214x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: Why would you encourage a user to book a session with you (something unique about what you offer)?

Oshin: I love interacting with my seeker, and I think the best way to do a class is to not maintain a strict decorum of duties to be done through it. You need to know your seeker in order to know what he/she likes, and that helps you teach in a much better way and in a way that they will find easier. I would like to encourage users to book a session with me if they are looking for fun and knowledge-filled classes and to get genuine experience in anything they’re interested in. I’m well versed with what I offer, and what I offer is a hundred percent of me and my knowledge in order to make you proficient in that form of art or academic.

Konversai: What advice would you give to potential users who are looking to join the platform? What about specifically for other users who are offering sessions similar to yours?

Oshin: Being a provider, I encourage you to approach seekers with similar interests with respect to the sessions you offer. If you make them aware of what you can offer and they get interested, then it’s a win-win for the both of you. Users who offer similar sessions, reach out to people, make yourself known, and create a foundation for yourself so seekers start approaching you after a period of time. If you’re looking to join this platform as a seeker, list out things that you like and/or are interested in, search for a provider who’s providing exactly that, and go ahead and learn your art!

Screen-Shot-2019-06-17-at-12.24.41-PM-217x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterKonversai: What do you enjoy doing outside of work and Konversing?

Oshin: Outside of work and Konversing, I love reading and writing poems and songs. I plan to write a book someday soon. I love singing as well. I offer dance sessions on Konversai, but I love doing it as well, hence it’s not just limited to Konversai. I also love spending time exposing myself to new things.

Konversai: Anything else you want to share with our users or potential users?

Oshin: Konversai is a great platform to earn AND learn. I encourage people to find their interests and find people who can expose you to it. It’s a life changer for those who are looking to earn and sustain themselves because if what you offer is good and worth it, your seekers will stick with you and make the most of what they get to learn. It’s a great platform to interact and spread knowledge.

33801611_2088490034556909_4979784987940225024_o-300x300 Konversation with Oshin Hephzibah: Dancer, Musician, & WriterInterested in connecting with Oshin one on one? Book a session with her on Konversai—a global knowledge platform that allows for one-on-one live video conversations with anyone, anywhere, about anything. Knowledge providers on the platform have the opportunity to make extra money sharing the things they know and love, while knowledge seekers can enjoy personalized sessions with a live human being catered to exactly what they’re looking to learn on any topic. Sessions are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient for both parties, and neither has to leave the comfort of their home.  All users are encouraged to both knowledge providers and knowledge seekers on any and as many topics as they wish. Any and all knowledge, skills, and experiences have a place on Konversai—the only limit is your imagination. Konversai’s mission is to democratize knowledge, put the human connection back into the heart of technology, and make the world better by enabling meaningful and authentic conversations that can improve people’s lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of realizing this mission. Join Konversai today!

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