Konversation with Opera Singer Leah Brzyski

Konversation with Opera Singer Leah Brzyski

Konversation with Opera Singer Leah Brzyski

48396613_10211361803515864_1521950128380837888_o-300x195 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiFor this week’s Konversation, we interviewed opera singer Leah Brzyski. Originally from Michigan, Leah is a soon-to-be-graduate of Yale School of Music, where she is studying opera performance. She also has experience as a music teacher and fashion blogger. On Konversai, Leah provides sessions on singing, piano, and Spanish. Learn more about Leah and all that she can offer you below!

49074745_10218000125133832_3688977174657761280_n-225x300 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: What does a typical day look like for you? This could include at work and/or outside of work.

Leah: A typical day for me is waking up and doing some sort of exercise, like CrossFit or pure barre, to get me moving! Then after I get ready for the day, I warm up and spend some time studying music before I head to Yale for classes and voice lessons!

38872804_2107854789488689_865206434336342016_n-225x300 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: How did you end up where you are today?

Leah: Music has always been a huge part of my life. My mom would always sing to me when I was growing up, and I was part of my church choir from five years old! I think the love of music and my passion for it has made me a passionate person in so many areas of my life. Hard work, determination, and passion have motivated me every step to get to where I am today.

39004213_2112693252077195_2004196658467831808_o-225x300 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Leah: My favorite thing about being an opera singer is that I get to collaborate with so many other amazing artists in so many different languages!

29060681_10215740699569605_2137539415983645731_o-300x300 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah Brzyski
Leah and her twin sister, Sarah, who is also on Konversai

Konversai: How did you decide to offer the sessions you do on Konversai?

Leah: My sister actually got me started on Konversai! She had used of the platform before to teach lessons and absolutely loved it! Since we’re twins, I had to try it out myself!

Konversai: Do you have a favorite session that you offer on Konversai? If so, what is it, and why?

Leah: I love offering private voice lessons. So many people I meet expressed wanting to understand their voice better and explore music but they are so nervous to sing for someone else! Through Konversai, I can give people voice lessons in the comfort of their own home so that they feel more confident to explore their voices.

Screen-Shot-2019-05-02-at-3.54.50-PM-212x300 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: What do you like best about being a provider on Konversai?

Leah: I love all of the interesting people I get to meet! People from across the world of all different ages are interested in learning more about music.

Screen-Shot-2019-05-02-at-3.56.42-PM Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: Are there additional sessions you are hoping to offer on Konversai in the future?

Leah: I would love to offer sessions about personal styling in addition to my music lessons! My sister and I have a fashion blog, and we love being able to help people style the pieces they have in their wardrobe and find new great looks!

32864621_10160290171485034_846063412910751744_n-300x200 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: Why would you encourage a user to book a session with you (something unique about what you offer)?

Leah:  Unlike many musicians, I have experience in so many different genres of singing! I have a Master’s in opera, but I also have had a lot of success with musical theater, songwriting, and popular music.

Screen-Shot-2019-04-10-at-2.19.18-PM-300x76 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: Are there sessions that you are excited about taking with other providers on the platform? Which ones? What are you hoping to learn more about?

Leah: I’m excited about taking sessions on cultural cooking. I’ve been searching for several new dishes and I would love to have an insider scoop about how to prepare them correctly the first time!

Konversai: What advice would you give to potential users who are looking to join the platform? What about specifically for other users who are offering sessions similar to yours?

Leah: For potential users, I would say to think outside the box. There are so many things that we want to learn how to do better or for the very first time. There are providers on Konversai teaching so many unique sessions. Go search! For users offering similar sessions to mine, don’t be afraid to take the chance for a new opportunity. Teach a different age group than you always do or learn a new piece for your students. Have fun!

19748652_10213808080058889_4484173977885232701_n-300x225 Konversation with Opera Singer Leah BrzyskiKonversai: What do you enjoy doing outside of work and Konversing?

Leah: Outside of work, I love to cook and stay fit! Traveling is also one of my passions.

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By Pavita Singh


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