Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess Teacher

Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess Teacher

Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess Teacher

Lauren-Chess-1-225x300 Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess TeacherFor this week’s Konversation, we interviewed Lauren Goodkind (minetafish), a chess teacher from Palo Alto, CA. Lauren has been playing chess for over twenty years and has been teaching it for over seven, and she is rated as one of the top chess teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about getting more girls and women into chess, a historically male-dominated game. Learn more about Lauren and all that she can offer you below!

Konversai: What does a typical day look like for you? This could include at work and/or outside of work.

Lauren: On weekdays, I teach in the afternoons and evenings. I have mornings off. Depending on the specific day, I might give some online chess lessons at a quiet cafe or library, or I might be driving to students’ houses. Sometimes, my chess lessons are at a library. 

Lauren1 Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess TeacherKonversai: How did you end up where you are today?

Lauren: l started to play in United States chess tournaments when I was 15 years old after my dad took me to the local chess club. Chess came naturally to me, so I improved quickly as I played at the local chess club once a week. After I graduated from college, my original vision was to find a 9-5 office job at a company, but I struggled to find a permanent office job. My frustrating job search lasted several years. At this time, my life coach suggested to teach chess privately, so I remember getting my first students after responding to a local mom’s email request. As a good and kind teacher, my chess business blossomed.

Konversai: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Lauren: I love to share my chess knowledge with others, and I love to work with my students. Most of my students are kids. Every student is different. Some students play in chess tournaments, and some do not. Most of my students have been with me for over a year.

Screen-Shot-2019-01-09-at-2.12.58-PM-300x210 Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess TeacherKonversai: What do you like best about being a provider on Konversai?

Lauren: I like how I can share my knowledge with others around the world!

Konversai: Are there additional sessions you are hoping to offer on Konversai in the future?

Lauren: If anyone wants to talk New Zealand with me, I’d be happy to. I lived in New Zealand for one year.

Konversai: Why would you encourage a user to book a session with you (something unique about what you offer)?50-poison-pieces-200x300 Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess Teacher

Lauren: I am an experienced chess teacher who has been teaching kids and adults. Since I love chess so much, I wrote a chess book for beginners. I also created a website, which has been endorsed by other chess professionals, with 500 chess puzzles. Chess is a male-dominated game, so I am proud to be a woman chess teacher. I am in the process of writing another chess book, which is being edited by the former US women’s chess champion!

Konversai: You have also been taking Javascript sessions on Konversai as a seeker. What inspired you to do that?

Lauren: I want to grow as a person. To do this, I want to learn a new skill. Computer programming is also a male-dominated field, so I want to break into that as well. Once I get good at Javascript, then perhaps I can create some awesome chess programs.

Screen-Shot-2019-01-09-at-2.16.34-PM-209x300 Konversation with Lauren Goodkind: Chess TeacherKonversai: What do you enjoy most about being a seeker on Konversai?

Lauren: I am learning Javascript from Vaishnavi R.M. in India, which is so far away from me. That is so cool!

Konversai: Are there other sessions you are hoping to take as a seeker on Konversai? If so, which ones? What are you excited to learn more about?

Lauren: I want to continue to take Javascript lessons. In addition, I want to learn about how to build an online business.

Konversai: What advice would you give to potential users who are looking to join Konversai?

Lauren: Be brave! Give Konversai a try! You can teach your own unique skills that will benefit others.

Konversai: What do you enjoy doing outside of work and Konversing?

Lauren: I play tennis, do improv comedy, and play other board games such as Scrabble.

Konversai: Anything else you want to share with our users and potential users?

Lauren: Konversai is a great platform to use to learn and teach others from all over the world!

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By Pavita Singh

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