Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly Zagor

Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly Zagor

Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly Zagor

21083164_10155067996418315_6219317789596554407_o-300x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorThis week’s Konversation is with Shelly Zagor from New York City. Shelly is a licensed massage therapist, a yoga teacher, a nutritional coach, and an independent distributor at Young Living Essential Oils. As an integrative health therapist, Shelly is passionate about helping others find health and wellness and implement natural healthy habits into their everyday lives. On Konversai, Shelly offers sessions on yoga, meditation, essential oils, and cleaner beauty products. Learn more about Shelly and all her amazing experiences and offerings below!

38928946_10155908179613315_4756034771119767552_o-300x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: What does a typical day look like for you? This could include at work and/or outside of work.

Shelly: First thing in the morning, I will have coffee, read, and journal. Then I shower, meditate with essential oils, and do light stretching. These routines are my anchors for health every morning. Then I’ll go for a long walk with the puppy. This is all before 8/8:30am, unless I have an early morning client. Every day is different because I do so many things! Some days, I teach classes or have private clients and events. I have been trying to incorporate more fun in my life because as a solopreneur, we can literally work all the time. So, I hang with family and friends, do yoga, go to gym, and cook!

12493690_10153478098448315_1142463148172400319_o-300x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: How did you end up where you are today?

Shelly: Great question! That could be my first book! I started off as a massage therapist in 1981 in New York City. I was very lucky because I loved to travel and ended up traveling around the world with a client. When I returned, I had established myself as a massage therapist. I had a history of dance and movement and a healthy lifestyle in the 70s and 80s. I was drawn to help people and myself heal. I love learning and sharing and ended up with many certifications! And here I am.

47460496_10156145404928315_993569378882551808_n-225x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Shelly: Another great question! I love when I can make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s a small thing. My clients and students know I can get overly exuberant! I have to tell myself to curb my enthusiasm because when the light bulb goes off— when someone connects, or feels better—it is magical for me. I also love meeting new people and sort of puzzle solving.

12088293_10153325038973315_3025598379732845611_n-300x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: How did you decide to offer the sessions you offer on Konversai?

Shelly: I based my offerings on a few things—what I think people are drawn to and want to learn about. I wanted to offer bite-sized sessions where someone could get immediately something out of it. As a coach, I am trained to ask questions and listen so it is an optimal experience. I am also passionate about toxin-free living, and I offer free consultations because I want people to know how easy it is to make the switches in their lives.

Konversai: Why would you encourage a user to book a session with you (something unique about what you offer)?

Shelly: I think I have tremendous experience in both years and range of people. I have a bandwidth of many healing arts, so I get to tap into many of them. Most importantly, I have compassion and true passion for what I do. My work is my world, and I love to help.

68803050_10156708137333315_3638587965506060288_n-300x225 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: Do you have a favorite essential oil? If so, what is it, and why?

Shelly: Wow, that’s an incredibly tough question! If I was on a deserted island and could only take one oil, it would Young Living Valor. It’s a blend of blue tansy, geranium, frankincense, black spruce, and camphor. The oil is incredibly grounding and helps me push through the obstacles of my day. And, it smells divine.

Konversai: Are there sessions that you are excited about taking with other providers on the platform? Which ones? What are you hoping to learn more about?

Shelly: I hope to take sessions on other forms of mediation, and perhaps I’d love support on my goals. We ALL need support!

67302938_10156641593793315_7713955718260326400_o-275x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: What advice would you give to potential users who are looking to join the platform? What about specifically for other users who are offering sessions similar to yours?

Shelly: I say jump in! Everyone has something to share. And I like the idea that we can all be experts. For those who want to offer similar sessions as to mine, my advice is to be authentic.

49426927_10156204599668315_1486052508253028352_o-240x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorKonversai: What do you enjoy doing outside of work and Konversing?

Shelly: Cooking, traveling, being with my family and friends, and exploring new places, even in the confines of NYC!

Konversai: Anything else you want to share with our users and potential users?

Shelly: The whole platform is incredibly easy to manage! At 63, I am a pretty good techie but get nervous when asked to do something new. Konversai is seamless!

Screen-Shot-2019-09-30-at-12.52.37-PM-210x300 Konversation with Integrative Health Therapist Shelly ZagorInterested in connecting with Shelly one on one? Book a session with her on Konversai—a global knowledge platform that allows for one-on-one live video conversations with anyone, anywhere, about anything. Knowledge providers on the platform have the opportunity to make extra money sharing the things they know and love, while knowledge seekers can enjoy personalized sessions with a live human being catered to exactly what they’re looking to learn on any topic. Sessions are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient for both parties, and neither has to leave the comfort of their home.  All users are encouraged to both knowledge providers and knowledge seekers on any and as many topics as they wish. Any and all knowledge, skills, and experiences have a place on Konversai—the only limit is your imagination. Konversai’s mission is to democratize knowledge, put the human connection back into the heart of technology, and make the world better by enabling meaningful and authentic conversations that can improve people’s lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of realizing this mission. Join Konversai today!

By Pavita Singh

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