Konversai for the Stay-at-Home Parent

Konversai for the Stay-at-Home Parent

Blog4_StayAtHomeParent_DadKidsPlaying-300x202 Konversai for the Stay-at-Home ParentBeing a stay-at-home parent is one of the most emotionally rewarding and noble life choices one can make. Undoubtedly, it is also the most challenging. Being there for your kids 24/7 is draining and seriously under appreciated. It can be tiring, isolating, and a tad under-stimulating. And of course, it often does not pay the bills.

This is most certainly not to say that you shouldn’t be a stay-at-home parent.

Rather, it is to say that say that you can be more and get more for the choice you’ve made to stay at home with your children. You’ll want to check out Konversai, which is sure to change your experience of being a stay-at-home parent and solve for all of its perceived downsides – economic, emotional, and social.

Blog4_StayAtHomeParent_MomBabyComputer-300x200 Konversai for the Stay-at-Home Parent

Konversai provides a platform where you can connect with others and have a conversation with them regardless of where in the world either of you are located. Common interest defines the connection. The conversations that Konversai enables are not trivial. It enables important conversations, ones you need to have. From baby care, to best products, to parenting advice, to medical and other options, someone out there knows what you need to know. That’s what you find on Konversai. And on the flip side, you have discovered, experienced, and realized some important tools and hacks that others want to know, for example, how to deal with a colicky baby, bring up an autistic child, deal with bullying at school, engage in natural childbirth or opt for a c-section, choose between public and private schools, and engage with the PTA. There are innumerable subjects on which your experiences are valuable, including your views on discipline, Montessori education, and sugar. Share them with others who seek to talk to you.

Perhaps your kids are older and you’re struggling to get through to them. Or they are isolated and you want to help them. You’re not alone. There are other parents on Konversai who have gone through the exact same thing that you’re going through who would be happy to share their wisdom and experiences with you. While self-help and parenting books can be a great resource, do you really have time to read them and separate what works from what doesn’t? Or would you rather just have a conversation with someone you can trust who’s been there and done that and get an informed opinion much faster? What’s more practical?

Another challenge that stay-at-home parents face is, frankly, not bringing home a paycheck. Whether you need the money or not, being a useful and productive member of society is part of many people’s self-identity and you may be deliberately and unhappily switching off your own contribution to the world in order to raise kids. With Konversai, you don’t have to. Every stay-at-home parent has unique skills and talents that often go unutilized, but as it turns out, people out there are willing to pay you to teach them these skills or help them develop these talents for themselves. While the kids are at school or napping, hop on a video call with one who seeks your knowledge and share your expertise with them. Don’t need the money? Donate it!

Get on Konversai today and take the first step in enriching your life and the lives of others.

Written by: Pavita Singh and Sushma Sharma



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