The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_pic1-300x189 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)
“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

Why are the likes of Jon Stewart, Lucille Ball, Chris Rock, and Ellen DeGeneres so influential? Why are shows like Seinfeld, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and Saturday Night Live so popular? In a world of political divisiveness, conflict, and people working themselves to the point of sickness, the laughter that these people and these shows are able to gift us infuses much-needed joy into our lives.

People living halfway across the world from each other may not be able to understand each other’s words. They may even struggle to understand each other’s gestures or body language. However, laughter is universal across almost all cultures. Laughter has a way of uniting people from all walks of life. Laughter is a core part of our everyday experience and impacts every aspect of our being, yet its importance in our lives is not emphasized nearly enough and sadly, is often underappreciated. Let’s explore further why laughter truly is the best medicine and how to make it a greater part of our lives.

Laughter makes us healthier.Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_Healthier-300x201 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

Audrey Hepburn said it best when she said: “laughter is the best calorie burner.” It is already well known that laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and boosts the immune system by increasing the circulation of antibodies in the bloodstream. One study even found that laughter increases the level of killer cells, white blood cells that attack cancer cells. It also increases muscle flexion. What’s more, though, is that laughing is considered a form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise, but without the aches and pains of a cardio workout. While laughter certainly shouldn’t replace physical exercise, regular laughter does wonders for the cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow and oxygenation and exercising the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. Regular laughter is especially beneficial for people who live a sedentary lifestyle. Laughter can even give you a boost in energy, improve sleep patterns, and help relieve minor aches and pains.

Laughter improves our mood. When we engage in activities we enjoy, the brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is nicknamed the “feel-good neurotransmitter.” The release of dopamine puts us in a better mood. When we laugh, the brain releases dopamine. Laughing literally makes our mood better. When you’re not feeling your best and have already taken time to appropriately process your emotions, seek out something you find funny and just start laughing. In no time, you’ll find yourself feeling better. Laughter also makes you more resilient. When you’re able to find the humor in a bad situation, you are better able to tackle the situation head-on and come out on the other side stronger.

Laughter can make us smarter! Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_Work-300x200 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

Yes, you read that right. Laughter has the power to sharpen our concentration and enhance creativity. When you laugh, you become better able to solve problems and to see problems from different perspectives. Laughing often also helps you to be more productive in your work.

Laughter builds stronger relationships.

As discussed earlier, laughter is a universal language across almost all cultures. The experience of laughing together builds empathy and brings people closer together. Laughter fosters better communication and cooperation. For this reason, the more laughter there is in a workplace, the greater satisfaction employees tend to report. This is also why people list a sense of humor as one of the most important traits they look for in a partner.

Laughter is good for the soul. Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_Soul-300x200 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

Laughing reminds us not to take ourselves or our lives too seriously. We are all human, and we all have our shortcomings. Being able to laugh at ourselves helps us deal with our shortcomings and keeps us humble. Laughter helps us keep our problems in perspective. Each time we are able to laugh, regardless of what our situation or circumstances are, we are given hope that everything is going to be okay, even if it doesn’t feel that way immediately.

So now that we know why laughter is so important, how do we make sure we’re getting our daily share of laughter? Here are some ideas.


Find something funny to watch.Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_Dog-300x200 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

Whether it’s your favorite 30-minute sitcom, a stand-up comedy segment, or a short YouTube video of puppies playing with piglets, watching something funny is one of the easiest ways to get your dose of the best medicine. If you’re feeling low, need an energy boost, or a mental break, a funny show could be just what you need. You could also find something funny to read, flip through a joke book, or search for some humorous Internet memes.

Spend some time with funny people.Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_friendsLaughing-300x200 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

We all have the one friend who has us laughing until it hurts. Try to schedule some regular time with that friend, either in person, on the phone, via video chat, or through text. Laughter is contagious, so surrounding yourself with other people who are laughing is an almost guaranteed way to start laughing yourself. Just make sure that you’re not laughing at the expense of anyone else.

Remember funny stories and moments in your life.

Oftentimes, recalling these moments is all it takes to get the laughter rolling in.

Try laughter yoga.Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_Yoga-300x200 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

Yes, this is actually a thing. Check it out, give it a try, and see how it makes you feel!

Spend more time with kids. Blog49_ImportanceOfLaughter_Kid-300x200 The Importance of Laughter (and How to Laugh More)

On average, kids laugh about 200 times a day, whereas adults only laugh 26. Kids are able to find wonder and humor in even the most seemingly mundane of situations. When we see them laugh, we adults can’t help but start laughing ourselves, bringing us back to the times when we didn’t feel that we needed to carry the whole weight of the world on our shoulders.

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Written by: Pavita Singh


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