8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_Physics-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekTeachers have one of the most important and challenging jobs on the planet. According to data from the National Education Association, the average teacher in the US works over 52 hours a week, including 30 hours of in-class instruction and 22 hours preparing lessons and grading assignments. What’s more, teachers work with an average of 20 students per class every day and get a new set of students every year. Unlike in other professions where it is easier to apply the same or similar methodology across different situations, teachers must understand each student’s unique circumstances and learning style in order to ensure their students’ success. To be a teacher is to prepare and empower the next generation to achieve their dreams and to leave their marks on the world.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_HighFive-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekWhile we should certainly make it a point to show our appreciation for these superheroes every day, Teacher Appreciation Week—the first full week of May in the US—is a great time to give our teachers some extra love for all their hard work and dedication all year round. Below is a list of simple yet fun ideas for projects and activities that will show your teachers you care. Students, parents, and school administration may collaborate on these projects and activities to make this Teacher Appreciation Week an unforgettable one.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_GirlWriting-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekHandwritten Letters: It might not seem like a big thing, but receiving a handwritten thank you note will mean the world to your teacher. Your thank you note can include anything you want, be it a poem, a list of things you loved about the class, or a particular lesson that you’ll never forget. If you feel so inclined, you can even include a drawing with your note. The important thing is that it comes from your heart. Students can write notes to current and/or former teachers, parents can write notes to their children’s teachers, and alumni can write notes to their former teachers. You can then either hand-deliver or mail your letter. Another idea is to purchase a poster board and write “Thank You, [Teacher’s Name]” in the middle, and then have all the students in the class decorate it and sign it.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_TeacherStudentHugging-300x217 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekVisit a Former Teacher: Teachers love visits from former students, whether they’re from a year ago or ten years ago. If you attend the same school or you live nearby, drop by and give a former teacher a hug. They’ll be thrilled to hear about all you’ve been up to since you were in their class. If you no longer live near where you went to school, you can always try to look up former teachers on social media and drop them a line there.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_MomDaughterBaking-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekMake Your Teacher a Meal: There’s nothing like a homemade meal prepared with love. Parents can work with their children to make something special for their teachers, whether it’s a baked good, a snack, a drink, a breakfast, or a lunch. If there’s something you really want to make but you’re not sure how, you can always get help from someone who knows what they’re doing by having a live video conversation with them via Konversai.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_StudentsTakingPhoto-300x203 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekMake Your Teacher a Photo Album or Scrapbook: A picture is worth a thousand words, right? If you’ve taken photos in your own class if you’re a student or in your child’s class if you’re a parent, compile them into a photo album or a scrapbook and gift it to the teacher. Alternatively, if you have digital photos, you can put together a slideshow to show in the class. This is a great way to reflect on all the memories you and your classmates (or your children and their classmates) made throughout the year.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_VolunteerReadingToStudents-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekVolunteer in a Classroom: We’ve established by now that teachers work extremely hard, so why not do what you can to ease the burden? If you are a current student or a parent, you can volunteer in your own or your child’s classroom. This might include giving a guest lesson, reading to students, cleaning up or organizing the classroom, helping students with assignments, or assisting with anything else the teacher might need. If you are not a student or do not have children in school, you can always reach out to the administration at a nearby school and see if any of the teachers could use some extra help, either during the school day or before or after school.

Blog-62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_KidsDoingArt-300x206 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekDoor Decoration: Before or after school, decorate the teacher’s classroom door with items that they love. You could also decorate it with handwritten notes, photographs, drawings, or any other works of art made by the students. This is a great way to work together with your classmates and express your creativity and to put a smile on your teacher’s face when they walk into their classroom in the morning.

Blog-62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_SchoolSupplies-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekDonate School Supplies: Teachers can always benefit from supplies to keep in the classroom. Because of budget cuts facing many schools, far too many teachers are unable to provide their students with adequate school supplies or have to pay for them out of pocket. If you have school supplies at home that you no longer use, there is sure to be a teacher who can use them. If you have the financial means, you can even purchase school supplies and donate them to a classroom. Useful school supplies include pens and pencils, markers, highlighters, notebooks, binders, lined paper, mini bulletin boards, white boards, or chalk boards, index cards, post-it notes, scissors, staplers, paper clips, and books.

Blog-62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_KidMakingGift-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekGive Your Teacher a Homemade Gift: The gifts that mean the most are often the ones that are handmade. Parents and students can work together to create personalized gifts for teachers without spending an arm and a leg. Gift ideas could include tea cups or coffee mugs, candles, magnets, pencil holders, decorated notebooks, jewelry, or anything else your teacher might love. These gifts can be personalized with the teacher’s name, items they enjoy, or anything reflective of what you love or appreciate about the teacher. For extra guidance, you can have a one-on-one live video conversation with a DIY enthusiast through Konversai.

Blog-62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_Video-Call-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekTo talk more about DIY ideas, education, or anything else that strikes your fancy, check out Konversai. Konversai is your one-stop shop for any and all personal human knowledge. The online platform allows for one-on-one live video conversations between anyone, anywhere, about anything. Konversai was founded under the premise that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your circumstances are in life, you have valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences to share that can benefit someone somewhere in the world and that they would even be willing to pay for. You don’t need to be an “expert”; whatever knowledge, skills, and experiences you have are already enough and could be exactly what someone else is looking for.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_Video-Call-2-300x200 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekKnowledge providers on Konversai have the opportunity to share what they know and love on their own time from the comfort of their home. They even have the opportunity to charge as much as they want for their time. If they don’t need the money, they can always hold sessions for free or donate their earnings to a charity of their choice. Meanwhile, knowledge seekers can enjoy a personalized, one-on-one conversation with an actual human being on exactly what they’re looking to learn. All users are encouraged to be both knowledge providers and knowledge seekers on any and as many topics as they wish, whether it be arts and crafts, relocation to a new state, advice about the best school for their kids, travel to New York City, backpacking in South America, conversational Italian, playing the violin, gardening, college or career advice, tutoring in an academic subject, writing a book, or something else entirely. The only limit is your imagination.

Blog62_TeacherAppreciationWeek_ScienceLab-300x205 8 Creative Ideas for Celebrating Teacher Appreciation WeekWhether you’re on Konversai as a knowledge provider, a knowledge seeker, or both, your experience on the platform is sure to be a meaningful one, and you are sure to come out of the conversation enriched. Get started by signing up for Konversai today!

To all of the teachers out there, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from all of us at Konversai!

By Pavita Singh



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