Konversai: The World’s Greatest Database of Personal Knowledge



What comes to mind when you think of social media? LOLs? Smiley faces? Emojis? Selfies? Hashtags? Likes? Followers? Friends? Connections?

While it is nice to scroll through your newsfeed and like the numerous articles, photos, and status updates posted there, do you ever find yourself alienated and manipulated by technology? Do you find yourself wanting to engage more substantively with one topic of your choice rather than being forced to consume a stream of content that machines and algorithms are curating for you?

When you are ready to take charge, when you are ready for a substantive conversation, you can come and find it on Konversai. 

If you search for “wine” on Konversai, you may find yourself speaking to a winemaker. Searching for “meditation” might connect you with a zen master. Only your imagination limits the kind of conversation you can have on Konversai. You will find people offering or seeking conversations about “colleges,” “cures,” “hobbies,” “water conservation,” “business advice,” “gardening,” “nuclear physics,” “urdu poetry,” “Qi Gong,” and a myriad of other subjects. Konversai is the world’s greatest database of personal knowledge.

Konversai is the place where you can and should go to before selecting a college, a career, or a cure. It is where you can and should go before traveling to a new country or relocating to new a city. You’ll find yourself making better decisions after talking to those who already know something you want to try.  

Konversai enables meaningful conversations between people over live video. It was founded on the fundamental belief that no matter where in the world we’re located, we each, without exception, have something to offer to others and others have something to offer us. When we speak to each other, we are both enhanced and enriched by the conversation. Geography is not a barrier to making this happen. And technology is not a barrier either. Live video conversation is the “return to future” for human interactions and Konversai is the platform for it. 

So how does Konversai work? You begin by creating a “box” in which you indicate the topics on which you are knowledgeable and can teach others and/or topics that are relevant to your life that you would like to learn more about. That’s it. Then you can trust you will be connected. When you share your knowledge, you are a “provider.” When you seek to learn, you are a “seeker.” Each one of us is both in our everyday lives. On Konversai, you can be a provider, seeker, or both. If you are a talented musician looking to share your skills with musicians in the making, you “provide” that. If you want to learn Spanish, you “seek” that. Providers can provide for free, for charity, or for money—whatever feels best for them. Konversai connects you with people to talk to and it has inbuilt capabilities for you to write to others, book a time to speak with them, and have a live video conversation with them.

We know Konversai can contribute to your personal development and address your life’s problems in a meaningful way. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to ask, learn, or share but didn’t know how, here’s your chance.

Join us today in our mission to revolutionize social media and change the world!

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  1. Congratulations and good luck Maam Sushma.


  2. Good luck, Sushma!! Great idea!


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