12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas

12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas

Written by: Pavita Singh 

Many people consider fashion a fun way to express themselves through their clothing, jewelry, and accessories. What is considered “fashionable” varies by time period and geographic location. If you love reading fashion magazines, keeping up with the latest trends, shopping for new clothes and accessories, or learning about fashion in different cultural contexts, you might consider visiting the following travel destinations. The cities below radiate the influence of some of the most famous designers and the hottest trends in fashion. Keep reading to learn more.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Paris-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas1. Paris, France: Paris is one of the most important fashion cities on the planet, and the Parisians are considered the best-dressed folks in the world. Paris has been home to Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton, and you can tour the apartment where Coco Chanel started her successful business in the 1920s. Avenue de Champs-Elysees and Galeries Lafayette are heaven for designers and fashion lovers. Fashion Week is held twice a year in Paris. These days, spring tees, oversized blazers, and high heels are common in the City of Lights.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_NewYork-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas2. New York, NY: The Big Apple is another big fashion hub. An eclectic city in and of itself, New York’s different neighborhoods are each famous for different styles of fashion. For example, the Lower East Side has several independent boutiques and vintage shops. Take a cab or the subway up to the Upper East Side, and on Fifth and Madison Avenues you’ll find the high-end boutiques, including Tiffany & Co., Saks, and Bergdorf, as well as mainstream retailers like Nike and Banana Republic. While you’re in Manhattan, you’ll definitely want to check out Macy’s and Bloomingdales and the Fashion Walk of Fame on 7th Avenue. A short train ride away in Williamsburg, you can spend some time at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Fashion Week is held twice a year in February and September.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Milan-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas3. Milan, Italy: Milan has been a leader in fashion and style since the Middle Ages. Some of the hot spots for shopping include Piazza del Duomo and Quadrilatero della Moda. Some of the big names associated with Milan are Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Dolce & Gabbana, Miuccia Prada, and Franco Moschino. In Milan, you can visit all of these brands’ headquarters.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_London-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas4. London, UK: Luxury shoppers in London will want to visit Bond Street, Oxford Street, and of course Harrods. You’ll find big names like Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, and Vivienne Westwood. On the other side of the spectrum, vintage shoppers will enjoy Camden and Brick Land in East London. The “miniskirt revolution” of the 60s started in London—a testament to London’s trendsetting tendencies. Today, fashion in London has been largely influenced by Kate Middleton and Alexander McQueen.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Berlin-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas5. Berlin, Germany: The big fashion district in Berlin is Mitte, where you’ll find international brands like MAC and leading German designers like Kilian Kerner. In Friedrichshain you’ll find lots of fun vintage shops, fashion magazines, and pop-up markets. Berlin’s Fashion Weeks take place in January and July in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Tokyo-1-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas6. Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo is one of Asia’s most fashion-friendly cities, and it is said that Tokyo fashionistas are on the cutting edge of style. Currently, Harajuku style is one of the most popular. The center of Harajuku culture is Takeshita Dori. If Harajuku isn’t quite your style, you can go to Ginza, where you’ll find luxury department stores and boutiques, like Dior and Issey Miyake. Other spots to check out include Ikebukuro, Marunouchi, and Shibuya.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Barcelona-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas7. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is home to a thriving textile industry and many fashion schools, shops, and houses. David and Custodio Dalmau are probably the most famous of Barcelona designers. Their designs have been featured on Friends and Sex and the City. Other big designers who are transforming Barcelona’s fashion scene include Josep Abril, La Castida de Wendy, Antonio Miro, Joaquim Verdu, and Armand Basi. In Barcelona, well-fitted clothing is preferred to revealing clothing, and people in Barcelona love their shoes!

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_LA-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas8. Los Angeles, CA: LA is a hub for celebrities, so it’s no surprise that the city is famous for setting fashion trends. You’ll find big shopping scenes in Beverly Hills, Melrose, and Santa Monica, which get a lot of press attention. LA is home to many renowned photographers, hair stylists, designers, and makeup artists. On the vintage side, you’ll find Long Beach Market, the monthly Rose Bowl Vintage Fair, and The Way We Wore.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Shanghai-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas9. Shanghai, China: Shanghai is home to rich textiles and skilled tailors, making it easy to get anything custom-made. Big names associated with Shanghai include Ziggy Chen, Uma Wang, and Marsha Ma. Shanghai is an up-and-coming fashion hub, so keep an eye out for the latest trends and developments.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Rio-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: If you love swimwear, then Rio should definitely be on your radar. With its hot (no pun intended) beach scene, it’s no surprise that Rio is leading the way in beach and swimwear. Alice Dellal and Charlotte Olympia grew up in Rio and have been influential in its fashion scene. It’s not unlikely to run into either of them, or Brazilian supermodels Gisele, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosia.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_Morocco-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas11. Marrakech, Morocco: In Marrakech you will find unique, beautiful, rich, and colorful textiles and treasures, which inspire stunning outfits. The styles are colorful and loose, perfect for the weather in Marrakech. Stop by the boutiques in Le Jardin to find stylish gandouras and kaftans. Poppy Delevingue’s wedding in Marrakech might have also played a role in making Marrakech the trendy city it is.

Blog43_DestinationForFashionistas_havan-300x200 12 Happening Travel Destinations for Fashionistas12. Havana, Cuba: Now that diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba have been restored, Americans can go check out the fashion scene in Havana. Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Stella McCartney, and Rihanna, among other celebrities, have drawn creative and stylistic inspiration from Cuba. Havana has been a brand-sponsored destination for press and bloggers, and has been featured in such publications as W, Marie Claire, and Porter. The hot spot for high fashion in Havana is La Maison, which hosts regular fashion shows.

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