11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World

11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World

11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_pic2-300x199 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World

We recently wrote about the special relationship that humans have with their dogs. Many humans consider their dogs members of their family and will include them in all family activities—including travel. Anyone who has traveled with their four-legged friends know that it is not always easy and requires a lot of preparation. In a future blog, we will explore in greater detail tips for traveling with your pups. For now, let’s have a look at some of the world’s most dog-friendly cities and what makes them so. Whether you and your pooch are looking to move to a new city or just want to take a much-needed vacation, you should definitely consider the following 11 cities.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Seattle-300x155 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldSeattle, WA: Did you know that Seattle has more dogs than it has kids? Twice as many, to be exact. In addition to several dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and stores, the city has 14 off-leash parks, and there are at least 10 more in the surrounding areas. One of the best and most popular is Magnuson Park, which is fully fenced, has a separate area for small dogs, and provides access to a part of the beach along Lake Washington. Not too far outside the city are plenty of dog-friendly hiking trails.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_London-1-300x200 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World
Hyde Park

London, UK: London has a number of pet-friendly bars, pubs, and hotels. In addition, there’s no shortage of outdoor space for your pups to run around. Some of the more popular off-leash parks are Hyde Park, Holland Park, Regents Park, and Richmond Park. Dogs can ride on London’s public transportation for free as long as they’re on a leash and as long as they’re not taking up a seat when it’s crowded.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Amsterdam-300x200 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldAmsterdam, Netherlands: Dogs are allowed inside almost any establishment in Amsterdam, save for museums and galleries. Whereas in most cities you have to look out for a “Dogs Welcome” sign, in Amsterdam, you can assume your dogs are allowed unless there is a sign indicating otherwise. Dogs can also ride public transportation for free, except for trains, which charge 3 euros for a doggy day pass. The city has several dog-friendly off-leash parks, and there is even a swimming area at Flevopark where your pup can splash away.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Paris-300x200 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World
Tuileries Garden

Paris, France: Just like in Amsterdam, dogs are allowed in almost any establishment in Paris, barring museums and galleries. In most restaurants, your dogs are not only welcome, but they might even get their own seat and their own bowl of water. How’s that for special treatment? Dogs can enjoy many of Paris’s outdoor spaces, especially the Tuileries Garden, Luxembourg Gardens, Bois de Boulogne, and Bois de Vincennes.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Rome-300x200 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World
Villa Borghese

Rome, Italy: Some of the favorite dog-friendly parks in Rome include Villa Borghese and Parco della Caffarella. Your dogs are also free to roam (pun totally intended) Rome’s public fountains and monuments. Most cafes and businesses in Rome are dog-friendly, and the dog-friendly restaurants will be happy to serve your pup some meatballs—very Lady and the Tramp-esque. Just outside Rome is Baubeach—a sandy oasis where dogs can play with each other, swim in the sea, and even do yoga with their humans.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Austin-300x205 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldAustin, TX: Dogs are allowed in most bars and restaurants in Austin. Some favorite spots for the pooches include The Dog House Drinkery, which has a half-acre fenced area where your dog can play; Shake Shack, where your dog can enjoy a “Poochini Sundae” (frozen custard with homemade dog biscuits); Yard Bar, a country club-type establishment for dogs featuring gourmet dog food; and Austin Terrier, which serves your dogs ice pops. You won’t have trouble finding dog parks or dog-friendly hotels in Austin.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_NewYork-300x201 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldNew York, NY: Take your dog to Central Park or any of the city’s dog parks, where they can have fun running around and playing. Some of the dog-friendly hotels in the city include the London NYC, the W hotels, and the Loews Regency. Your dogs can stay at most of these hotels for free, though some might charge a small cleaning fee. If your dog’s into luxury shopping (and which dog isn’t?), they’re welcome in Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. There had even been some talk a few years ago about a proposed tax credit for New Yorkers who adopt sheltered pets.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Geneva-300x200 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldGeneva, Switzerland: The Swiss take dog ownership very seriously. In order to protect dogs’ rights, humans are required to pass an oral and written test before they can bring home a four-legged friend. Kind of like a driver’s license, but for dog ownership. There’s plenty of space for your dogs to run and around and play off-leash in Geneva, one of the most popular being Parc Bertrand. Furthermore, the city has 55 pet-friendly hotels.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Berlin-300x178 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World
Berlin’s Central Station – Hauptbahnhof

Berlin, Germany: Berlin is one of the most dog-friendly cities in Europe. Many of the cafes, restaurants, and hotels accommodate pets, and some of the hotels even provide a dog bed and bowl, making your pup feel right at home. Want to go on a steamer cruise? Your dogs are welcome aboard the Stern and Kreisshiffahrt boats. All public transportation in Berlin is dog friendly. At Berlin’s Central Station, you can buy your dog a half-price ticket so that they can accompany you anywhere throughout the country.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_TelAviv-300x199 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldTel Aviv, Israel: Tel Aviv has the highest number of dogs per capita in the world, with one dog for every 17 people. There are four dog-friendly beaches and 70 dog parks—that’s one park per square kilometer. Since 2016, Tel Aviv has hosted an annual dog festival. There are even movie nights for dogs. The city has also launched a digital membership card system that provides dog owners with special promotions and important information, including reminders about vaccines, lists of nearby veterinarians, and directions to the nearest dog parks.

Blog56_DogFriendlyCities_Toronto-300x194 11 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the WorldToronto, Canada: Many of Toronto’s cafes and restaurants offer pet-friendly outdoor seating. There are over 60 off-leash dog parks, one of the most popular being the one at Cherry Beach. There are also plenty more on-leash dog parks. Toronto is home to the Purina PawsWay, a learning and discovery center that hold exhibitions and entertainment for pets and their humans, and the Purina Animal Hall of Fame, where animals are honored for saving human lives.

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Written by: Pavita Singh


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