11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs

11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs

Written by: Sushma Sharma and Pavita Singh

In a previous blog, we discussed 9 reasons to study abroad in college. Some of these reasons included expanding your worldview, meeting new people, building your self-confidence, and improving your academic and professional prospects. While almost all colleges offer some type of study abroad program, there are some that stand out in terms of the depth and the breadth of their offerings. If a meaningful and unforgettable study abroad experience is something you’re really looking to get out of your time in college, you might look into the following schools.

1. Goucher College, Baltimore, MD:

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_goucher-300x231 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Gorilla in Uganda

In 2006, Goucher became the first liberal arts college to require all students to study abroad before graduation. The college has more than 60 study abroad programs in 32 countries. Many students study abroad more than once, and Goucher offers a list of international fellowships and volunteer opportunities to support students in doing so. Some of the popular study abroad programs at Goucher are Development Studies in Uganda, Accademia Dell’Arte in Italy, and the French Field Study and Internship in Belgium.

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_centre-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, Ireland

2. Centre College, Danville, KY: About 85% of students at Centre study abroad at least once. Faculty members from the college live at each study abroad site and serve as supervisors for particular programs. There are Centre programs in 9 countries (Spain, China, England, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Scotland, Germany, and France) and partner programs worldwide. The college offers to handle the passport application process and cover the application fee for those students who doesn’t already have a passport.

3. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY:

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_syracuse-300x176 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Hong Kong

Syracuse has its own study abroad programs in Florence, London, Madrid, Strasbourg, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and Santiago as well as over 60 partner programs around the world. In the 8 Syracuse-operated sites, students design their own academic program based on their language abilities and academic goals. These sites also include home-stays, internships, field studies, and community engagement opportunities.

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_uofdenver-300x175 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

4. University of Denver, Denver, CO: In 2016, 67.9% of DU students studied abroad. Students have the opportunity to become Cherrington Global Scholars. The Cherrington scholarship offsets study abroad costs for qualified students. Those students who don’t qualify can look into DU partner programs or unaffiliated international programs. There are over 150 DU programs around the world. The United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia are the top destinations for DU students, with the University of Glasgow (Scotland), University of Otago (New Zealand), and Nebrija University (Spain) being the institutions with the greatest numbers of DU students.

5. St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN:

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_stolafcollege-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Holi festival in Dehli, India

About 68% of St. Olaf students study abroad. It has 6 of its own study abroad programs and over 130 approved and partner programs around the world. Over the course of a term, students might do global comparisons but studying in multiple countries. Some popular courses of study include environmental science in Australia, biology in India, and Chinese society and culture in China. The college also offers study travels, which are faculty-led trips centered on an educational theme, such as opera in Italy or sacred sites in Turkey.

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_carleton-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Study in Japan

6. Carleton College, Northfield, MN: Carleton has 18 of its own study abroad sites and hundreds of other affiliate programs. About 72% of students take part in study abroad. Popular programs include Economics in Cambridge, Studio Art in the South Pacific, and New Media in Japan.

7. University of San Diego, San Diego, CA: 

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_uofsandiego-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Madrid, Spain

More than 70% of USD students study abroad. The university offers 135 programs in 44 countries and 76 cities. In 2014, USD opened its first permanent international center in Madrid, which offers courses similar to those offered on campus and on-site support from USD staff and faculty. The center helps students coordinate homestays and any other aspect of their study abroad experience. Students studying abroad also have the opportunity to conduct research and intern.

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_union-300x225 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Habana, Cuba

8. Union College, Schenectady, NY: Just over half (56%) of Union College students study abroad. There are 50 approved study abroad programs, most of which are led by Union faculty. This helps cultivate student-teacher relationships outside of the classroom. In addition to studying for the full semester, students can also study abroad for a “mini-term,” which is three weeks. Union just added Cuba to their list of study abroad destinations—an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

9. Elon University, Elon, NC:

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_elon-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Seward, Alaska

In 2016, 80% of Elon students studied abroad. The university operates its own centers in Florence, London, Shanghai, and Costa Rica, which happen to be the most popular destinations. There are also around 200 partner programs. In addition to its study abroad programs, Elon also has Study USA programs in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Alaska, and Washintgon, DC.

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_dickinson-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Foreign language immersion

10. Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA: Just over half (52%) of Dickinson students study abroad. There are 15 Dickinson programs around the world. Students can also participate in partner programs and non-Dickinson programs. Dickinson’s Education Abroad program places a strong emphasis on foreign language immersion. As part of its Global Mosaics program, students can take semester-long classes on campus and then travel abroad for fieldwork or immersion work.

11. Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI:

infoblog_6_studyabroadcollege_kalamazoo-300x200 11 Colleges with Awesome Study Abroad Programs
Benefit your local community

About 81% of students at Kalamazoo study abroad. The college has 42 programs in 23 countries, and most students study abroad for at least 6 months. Students who study abroad have the option of getting academic credit for taking part in an Integrative Cultural Research Project, where they pick an activity that benefits the local community and reflect on and write about the experience.

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